Chad Horohoe

Infrastructure Guy. Dog Parent.

My name is Chad Horohoe and I reside in San Francisco, California with the best dog in the world, Tobi.

I just wrapped up a gig with some really awesome folks at a place called Luma Health. I'm doing the usual SRE/devops/infrastructure/Kubernetes work that I enjoy the most. Before Luma, I did a brief stint at an AI company called ASAPP as a senior SRE doing much of the same. Prior to that, I spent 8 exciting years working for the Wikimedia Foundation, eventually becoming a senior software engineer. In a prior lifetime, I did configuration management contract work for a Fortune 500 financial services company and interned for my local government's IT department.

My areas of expertise include Python, AWS, Kubernetes, application security, infrastructure design/implementation/scaling, Git repository hosting and code review as a practice.

My full resume is available as a PDF.